2 Important Reasons Why Learning is Not Just For The Young

When you think of learning, the image of children in classrooms or twenty somethings in lecture theatres might spring to mind. However, it’s important to realise that education is not just the preserve of the young. In fact, it can bring many benefits to the more mature among us. Here are two important ways that learning can aid us in adulthood.


Career progression

Adult education specialists Oxford Open Learning say that if you didn’t get the basic qualifications you need at school, you shouldn’t let it hold you back. Furthermore, if you lack specialist skills that would allow you to progress in your job, you shouldn’t resign yourself to your perceived fate. The fact is, there is an array of education and training programmes you can undertake if you want to get ahead in your chosen career or change your path altogether. While you may have reservations about going back to school as a fully-grown man or woman, you should remember that these programmes are designed to help adults to get where they want to go professionally and many of them can be tailored to fit around existing employment and personal commitments. From adult GCSE and A-level programmes, to degree and postgraduate courses, to job-specific training such as forklift truck driving courses and hairdressing diplomas, there are learning opportunities out there for adults of all ages who aspire to greater things in their careers.

Personal satisfaction

Learning for the sake of learning can be highly beneficial to adults, as well as children and young people. Whether you’ve finally gotten around to signing up for a course you’ve always wanted to take or you want to challenge yourself by trying something you never thought you would be able for, studying an unfamiliar subject and developing new skills can be highly personally rewarding. Whether you’re five or 65, learning can boost your confidence and self-esteem, make you more independent and help you to adapt to change. It can also be a fun and social way to spend your time. So why not put your name down for that evening culinary skills course at the local college, attend that creative writing workshop at the library or take that computer class you’ve seen advertised? There’s sure to be something out there that will appeal to your interests and help you to broaden your horizons and achieve a more fulfilled personal life.

So stop making excuses about being too old to try new things. Whether you want to develop professionally or personally, you are sure to find adult learning an enriching and rewarding experience.

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