3 Clever Space Maximising Tricks For Small Apartments

If you live in a small apartment, the last thing you want is for it to actually feel small. You can make a small apartment feel a bit bigger by using a few tried and tested techniques. This will give you (and others) the feeling that the apartment is larger than it actually is and that’s ideally what you want.

So here are 3 clever tricks that you can put to use to maximise the space in your apartment:

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Lighting can play a big part when it comes to making a small apartment look a lot bigger. The strategic placement of lamps for example around the place, not just the odd one, will make rooms look a lot bigger. Placing lamps against walls will make them look a lot longer in length, they can also be used to light up dark corners and crevasses. Having one lamp in the corner of a room and another in the middle of the opposite wall is the best use of light to increase the perception of space, according to LampTwist. This will go some way in giving people the impression that the room that they’re in is larger than it actually is. The clever placement of lamps is also said to bounce people’s eyes around a room.


If you live in a small apartment and have a lot of possessions, storing it all somewhere without cluttering the place up can be tough. The more things that are on show, the more cluttered and claustrophobic your apartment will seem to be advises HouseBeautiful.com. The best thing to do is to use clever storage techniques, concealing your possessions out of sight. This could be in the form of buying a bed that has a storage facility underneath it. In fact, you can buy many pieces of furniture these days that not only act as furniture but as storage too. Concealing some possessions is definitely a good thing if you want to keep a place clutter free and storing them in furniture that you’ll use regularly? It means you won’t have boxes and baskets taking up even more room.


Mirrors and reflective surfaces can be a god send when you want to maximise how big your small apartment looks. This is because the more actual reflective surfaces that you have, the bigger the room will look in which they are placed. So by utilising a mirror or a glass table it will give the illusion of there being more space. Mirrors strategically placed can reflect light into a room, this adds more depth. You could use a mirror with a focal point in the room too, angling it correctly. This will also make the room appear bigger. Mirrors and reflective surfaces thrive off of light, so positioning a surface near a window to reflect the light will be very effective.

There are many other ways you can go about making a small apartment look and appear not so small. It’s about finding what works for you. You could use light colours to enhance the size of the room to the eye, as well as moving furniture around until you get it just right.


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