5 Do’s When It Comes To Home Improvement

Get your facts straight before you dig up a hole in your backyard to put in a pool. More often than not expensive home improvement projects backfire. Is a fabulous plush carpet a good idea for the living room? Probably. If you’re ready to hire at least twice a year a professional carpet cleaning company. Will new owners of your property afford to hire carpet cleaners every six months to keep it’s luxurious looks? Even if they can do it, how about kids or pets? Lavish carpeting and small children/cats/dogs don’t blend too well.

If you plan to renovate your home and sell it sooner or later, you have to think what are the consequences of these renovation projects. Not all home improvements are good in terms of making the property more desirable, hence more expensive. Some can even make your house unsellable. Think about a large pool in the backyard. Lots of home buyers prefer properties with basic amenities so they can add features to their taste over time.

But let’s have a look at what property experts have to say. Here are our 5 Do’s :

Renovation Do #1: Lay Down New Carpet

Today when flooring options are nearly endless, you want the best for your family. But the right choice of flooring will also increase the appeal of your home. Go without hesitation for carpeting of some kind. It’s advantages over alternatives are just monstrous. Carpets are sound absorbing, insulate and soft to the touch. Besides its practicality, every carpet gives your home a distinct look. On the downside carpeting requires regular care and professional cleaning by experienced carpet cleaners at least once a year.

Renovation Do #2: Revamp The Kitchen

Listed in this article under number 2 is updating your kitchen. Several estate agents even claim that a kitchen renovation is the best thing you can do to improve your place. I think they got it right as kitchens are the heart of most homes. Families spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room together. Upgrade to stainless steel appliances and change counter tops to improve the aesthetic appeal of the place and you’re done.

Renovation Do #3: Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathrooms come second after the kitchen as the most important room in a house for Home Improvement. If you want to get that “WOW” effect, make something about the bathroom. For example, replace the old and cracked toilet with a new, shinny one. Next, go for a vanity cabinet which is both practical and catches the eye. Proper lighting boost value with its options to direct or increase/decrease intensity of light. Smart move is to re-glaze your bathtub rather than buying a new one.

Renovation Do #4: New Sound System

In the age of Apple, Sony and Samsung high-tech add-ons are not just a whim. It turns out that more and more new buyers are impressed by things like built-in sound systems, plasma TVs and smart thermostats. Needless to say, there should be speakers in every room and control panel to change songs, turn it on/off or increase/decrease volume. Of course, the living room should have an upgraded package with sub-woofer and surround sound for movie nights, sports games or just partying.

Renovation Do #5: Go Green And Conserve Resources

First, the idea for sustainable living has already been around for quite some time. People start to embrace the idea of living in a world where they don’t entirely depend on finite resources for energy and transportation. Besides, making a home greener can save you a lot from your bills. Better window insulation or solar panels on the roof are just two good examples. Next, you can install a sprinkler system to maintain your garden always green and lavish, even in the hottest days without moving a finger and saving a valuable resource – water!

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