7 Conditions that Could Prevent You from Getting Health Insurance

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One of the most notable bills promoted by Republicans is the new healthcare bill, which changes a lot of the Obamacare act. The term pre-existing conditions shows up once again in the healthcare act as the new legislation enables insurers to raise the cost of the policies for individuals who suffer or had suffered from certain conditions.

The list of conditions which enables the health insurance companies to charge hideous amounts for premiums is both immoral – according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – and shocking, as it could leave millions of Americans without any healthcare, given the high cost of the policies.

Among the conditions listed there are some outrageous ones, hitting in women, mothers and those who need medical attention the most.

Drug abuse

If you’ve been treated for drug or substance abuse, the insurers can over-charge you. In conjunction with the fact American is currently battling an opioid epidemic and with the fact recovering addicts need medical attention and therapy, this could mean thousands of addicts could be denied healthcare and left to die. According to official numbers, in 2015 there were more addiction-related deaths than car accident deaths, which show just how severe the drug addiction problem is for the nation.

Eating disorders

There are many people who joke that AHCA makes being a woman a pre-existing condition, but when you see the conditions listed, the joke is not funny anymore. Being treated for anorexia, bulimia or another eating disorder is a pre-existing condition which could raise your coverage. Statistically, men suffer less from eating disorders, so women are those who are going to experience the effects of this regulation.

Mental health conditions

If you suffer from a mental health condition, such as depression, which is highly common, your health insurance costs could go up by 200%. This is because Medicaid funding has been cut drastically and this was the largest payer of mental health treatments in the country.

Postpartum depression is also on the list and it’s one of the conditions than impact both the mother and the baby, being potentially deadly.

Pregnancy as a pre-existing condition

One of the most outrageous things on the list is pregnancy. If you’re a parent or an expectant parent, your health insurance can skyrocket, as insurers are now allowed to charge more for the most expensive life event: childbirth.

With this regulation women are going to suffer more than men, as 40% of all babies are born to unmarried women, who have to pay for their own policy.

C-section is on the list too, so one can assume a pregnant mother who already has a child is going to have to pay amazing amounts if she wants to benefit from healthcare.

Heavy periods

One of the most prevalent problems in women is on the premium hike list as well. Right now the number of women who suffer from irregular or heavy periods is higher than the one of women who has a normal, regular flow. So, once again, women are being targeted by the new bill.


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Migraines impact more women (3 to 1, to be precise) than men and are on the AHCA list too as pre-existing conditions which could make healthcare not affordable anymore.

The whole list contains 237 conditions which could lead premiums costs to skyrocket and become a luxury for many families who already struggle with the high cost of the insurance. Many of the conditions listed are life-threatening and can have a negative impact on both the individual and the society.

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