7 DIY Skills That Can Save You Thousands Every Year

Do It Yourself (DIY) repairs on your home aren’t always recommended, but there are times when you can save a ton of money by simply picking up your tools and getting to work. Contractors and industry professionals cost a lot of money. They may do a great job, but it’s not always practical to hire them for jobs that you can learn to do yourself!

You Can DIY Too

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t have any clue how to do any home repairs by myself!” In the modern world with so much information on the internet, this excuse doesn’t really fly anymore for simple DIY projects. The biggest trade-off for money savings will be the use of your own time.

Whether you have strong DIY skills already or not, you can face these 7 projects and take hold of huge savings!

7 DIY Projects to Save Thousands

1.    New Entry Doors

When a front door needs replacing, it’s easy to feel intimidated about doing that by yourself. While installing a door does take patience and some familiarity with the pieces of the door itself, there is no reason you can’t look up what you need to know and do it on your own. You can get this project finished within 4 – 6 hours, and save more than $1000 on installation labor.

2.    Wooden Flooring

The thought of doing your own flooring is a bit unnerving, but modern wooden floor boards are engineered to be very easy to install. They are shaped intuitively and fit together snugly without you having to measure and cut as often. DIY wooden flooring can save you a whopping $4000-5000 in labor costs per floor of your house.

3.    Insulation Replacement

Old insulation will be a huge detriment to your heating and cooling bills each year. Simply replacing the insulation in your attic will make a big difference. You’ll still have to buy the materials yourself, of course, but you can easily save more than $1300 in labor in most areas of the country.

4.    Renovate the Bathroom

Did you know that the average bathroom renovation can cost more than $15000? The majority of this money is spent on labor to get everything done and not on the materials themselves. Things like tiling, cabinet installation, faucet and toilet replacement, and painting can all be done by you for a fraction of the cost. But, save the plumbing for a professional, unless you are a licensed pro yourself!

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5.    Painting Your Home

As a homeowner, you may not enjoy painting the interior of your home, but it’s a fantastic way to save around $200-$300 per room, even after the materials and tools are factored into the price.

6.    Sealing the Driveway

When too many cracks develop in the asphalt, it’s time to seal up your driveway to help preserve it. Don’t call a pro for this. It’s a bit of a tedious job, but it’s not difficult to understand how it’s done and to do it on your own. A few hundred dollars will be thanking you for this!

7.    Outside Landscaping and Walkways

The cost of landscaping can quickly multiply into the thousands, especially when talking about installing paving stones or a walkway in your garden. However, sacrificing a weekend of time might be able to save you more than $5000 in labor costs for installation!


DIY repairs might be intimidating, but there are so many resources out there to help you get it done in the best fashion. Completing your own repairs with your own set of tools with above DIY skills is going to save you thousands of dollars every year!

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