Bathroom Upgrades That Don’t Break the Bank

When you are on a tight budget but want to change the look of your bathroom drastically there are some inexpensive and easy home fixes you can do in a single day or weekend that won’t break the bank account. The do-it-yourselfer can easily handle the work, or a handy man can be hired to do these tasks if it isn’t your cup of tea, but it should be a quick and painless procedure.

bathroom-1228427_640Image by Pixbay

  • Change out the faucets, lighting fixtures, and knobs and handles in the room to add a new and more stylish color or design. With very few exceptions, all of this metal is easy to get to, and completely removable. You can do this to add a more rustic look or to achieve a more modern, sleek style. Either way you don’t have to replace your cupboards, storage and bathtub, or shower to make a drastic change.
  • Change out the exhaust fans. I know you probably would not have thought of this one, but these are now available with additional feature you might want to take advantage of. You can choose to match your new metal finish to add another accent in the room. You can also choose to add a little bit of light to the room if more is needed. Another advantage for your room might be the addition of a warming feature that can prepare the room for your shower or bath so you never have to catch a chill on cooler days.
  • Paint the walls, or add trims and chair rails to change the look completely. Color is a powerful thing and in a bathroom you should feel free to really play with what you love. This is a room that isn’t visible all the time, so you don’t have to worry about it matching or being cohesive with the rest of your home. Choose to be inspired by your favorite places or themes. Beach themes are popular for bathrooms with a mix of sandy beiges and browns and a variety of blues and corals that can be stunning. But the sky is the limit; you can turn your bathroom into a starry night sky, or an undersea garden.

When it comes to making your home, your own, don’t be afraid to express yourself. Choose items that speak to you. If a crystal light fixture catches your eye and your inspired by the grace and elegance of the glass, run with it. Choose exhaust fans that are bright and shiny to accentuate this look, and use bright or bold color to really make things stand out. You are the creator of your space, the designer of your domain. Take advantage of your opportunities to personalize your space so you create the perfect atmosphere for your relaxation. There are really no rules you have to follow. Designing on a budget is not only possible, but easy.

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