Become an Expert Agent with Tom Ferry Real Estate Coaching

Named the #1 Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200, Tom Ferry is a well-known name in the real estate industry. With over 30.000 hours of coaching experience, he has the best industry insight and the right tools to help any agent grow their business. Many times, agents feel like they need to reinvent the wheel to get ahead of the competition. However, what they really need is experience; and experience can either be gained in time or it can be obtained by learning from the best.  Needless to say, when it comes to real estate, Tom Ferry is the best!

A program for each need

It is important to understand that you will face different challenges at different stages in your career. As such, the Tom Ferry’sreal estate coaching focuses on 3 programs, each one designed to help you deal with different challenges.

Core – Basic coaching for young agents

Most young agents struggle with sales confidence, but also with properly organizing their new business. The first thing you need to learn as a young real estate agent is how to improve your sales skills to grow your business. Secondly, you will need to learn how to generate and convert more leads, how to plan and manage your time as efficiently as possible, and how to train your mind for success.

Team – Tips for becoming a great leader

As your business grows, you will no longer have time to manage everything by yourself. As such, you will need to put together a high performance team. The trick of this endeavor is to manage to grow your income, but also to develop a business that can manage itself, even when you are not there. Real estate coaching can helpyou improve your leadership skills, it can teach you how to train a team that outperforms itself, and how to make sure that each team member earns the income that they deserve.

Elite – Join the industry’s experts

Once you reach a certain level, you need to completely redefine the way that you are running your business. Your lead generation and conversion system must work at full potential. You should now have the historic data to make improvements, but you will need guidance to achieve the desired results. You will also need to automate redundant tasks to make the most of your time and money. Last but not least, you will need to increase your exposure. Learn not only how to network better, but also how to employ the best advertising strategies to be more visible than the competition.



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