Best Ecommerce Website Builders With Shopping Cart

An e-commerce platform is a great way to ensure you have a steady income, while working from home. But the trick is to have a strong e-commerce site, along with a cart and all the useful functions for the potential customer. A wide array of products definitely helps your online shop, as we can see from Ebay or Etsy, but this comes with a new challenge from the payment point of view. Being able to add to cart products sold by different companies requires a different approach when it comes to processing the payments and dividing the total between the multiple sellers.

All in one, building an ecommerce website with cart from scratch is not an easy task, nor a cheap one, to be honest, but this doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from all the advantages of owning such a shop. Here are the best picks out of the top 10 best e-commerce website builders you can use to create your online store.



Wix is a simple, yet complete tool which enables you to create a fully functional e-commerce site, with a shopping cart. You will find multiple selling options and solutions for SKU management, as well as social media integration, which enable you to promote your online shop and attract customers.


WordPress and Marketify theme

Another option for beginners who want to build their e-commerce platform is WordPress, along with the Marketify theme. The theme comes at an affordable price and it allows you to build your website quick, without having to wait for someone with extensive programming knowledge.



Shopify is the number one platform for e-commerce websites, so it has a lot more to offer, compared to other website builders. With Shopify you have the opportunity to choose from multiple themes, implement HTML and CSS, keep track of the sales and select from 70 payment gateways and tax rates.



Magento is one of the most complex e-commerce website builders out there. Is an open source platform, which can be enhanced with tools and plugins, being focused on e-commerce websites. There are extensions that allow you to give access to multiple vendors on the site, as well as adjust the fees for each vendor. Magento might be intimidating at first and it does require an investment, but it’s a wise pick.



If you have a WordPress website, you can get the WooCommerce plugin and turn your website into a shopping platform. The shopping cart plugin allows you to customize your website and make it ready for receiving customers in no time. You can benefit from adding more extensions to your website, until you are sure you have everything you need to attract and retain customers.



YoKart is lesser known, but it does offer a lot of attractive and functional features. It provides you with a customizable interface, where you can allow access to multiple vendors. They can upload their products and change their listings, but you have to approve all the changes. The customer can put products from multiple vendors in his cart.


Xcart Multi Vendor

Xcart offers specialized packages to people who want to build their shopping websites. The Multi-vendor package is designed to provide the features you need to set up your online shop: you have full control over the entire shopping process. The customer can place multiple items in his cart, change the shipping methods, view orders and assign products to categories.

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