How to Choose between Different Commercial Flooring Solutions

A commercial floor is subject to a lot of traffic, which means constant exposure to mechanical wear and abrasion, and in some cases even impact load and other types of distress. As such, a commercial flooring solution needs to be durable, but it also needs to have a pleasant design that matches the surrounding environment. Moreover, since each business has different needs, there isn’t a single universal solution to match every commercial space. Instead, you have a variety of solutions to choose from, each one with their pros and cons.

Laminate floors

This is a rather inexpensive, yet good looking solution. It is ideal for shops and restaurants, but also for office spaces. There are 5 classes of laminate flooring rated from AC1 to AC5. AC1 and AC2 are designed for low traffic, so they are not suitable for commercial floors. AC3 is recommended for all residential spaces, and low traffic commercial spaces such as offices. A4 is suited for moderate traffic areas and A5 is even suitable for high traffic areas. The main advantage of laminate flooring is that it is rather easy to maintain, and it is not affected by sunlight. Nonetheless, it is impossible to refurbish, so once it wears down, it needs to be replaced altogether.

Epoxy floors

Normally, epoxy coatings are applied over concrete, but they can also be applied on other porous surfaces. They provide a glossy surface, so they are often used in slightly dark surroundings to increase brightness. They are cheap, highly durable and easy to install. If they are installed by reliable contractors, they can last for many years, and they can be customized to fit different interior designs. We recommend Treadwell, one of the best Kansas City Epoxy Flooring contractors. They are preferred by many businesses from restaurants to cafes, and many other industrial and commercial businesses.

Vinyl floors

Vinyl is best suited for low and moderate traffic. It can be of different qualities so it is important to specify to the contractors the level of traffic that you are expecting. The great thing about vinyl is that it has infinite design options. It can imitate wood, tiles and many other materials. It is also cheap and easy to install. While vinyl is very susceptible to scratches, it can be protected with a floor sealer, but it can still suffer other problems such as discoloration or surface dents. With proper maintenance, it can last a rather long time, but it is important to decide from the start whether or not you are willing to maintain it properly.


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