How to Choose an Interesting Chemistry Thesis Topic

Choosing a thesis topic can be a daunting task, but it is an important choice that will mark the start of your chemistry career. Most advisors will suggest some topics, based on subjects that are considered to be in demand, but also based on your strengths as a student. Nonetheless, you can also decide for yourself the topic of your thesis. After all, modern chemistry is about being innovative and exploring fields that others haven’t even thought of yet. In what follows, we will give you a few pointers for choosing a thesis topic that will set your career on the right path.

Try to solve an actual problem

A thesis topic is basically a theory, expressed by someone. The thesis itself implies a logical statement, backed by theory and practice, which either negates or supports the topic in question. The most appreciated theses are often the ones that solve real life problems. Obviously, no one expects you to find the cure for cancer, although you are more than welcome to try. However, there are numerous other subjects that can prove useful for today’s society. For example, many people nowadays experiment with synthetic psychoactive chemicals. 3-mmc is one of the most popular such substances. This chemical is derived from the once so popular mephedrone, which was declared illegal after having been linked to several deaths. 3-mmc on the other hand is a rather new substance that hasn’t yet been linked with any serious problems. Nonetheless, the fact that it hasn’t been properly studied makes is potentially dangerous for amateur users. Choosing to study the effects of 3-mmc or other modified chemicals can be a controversial topic, but it can be very helpful toour society. You may discover that it is dangerous, in which case you can help in declaring it illegal, or you may find some pharmaceutical purposes for it. After all, there are many psychoactive substances that are used as medication for different illnesses.

Choose something unique

The herd behavior is very common among young adults who are still trying to define their identity. However, if you want to have a successful career, you must learn to drift away from the crowds and find your own path. Choosing a topic that resembles the topics of your friends will do you no favor. You might be able to work together on some similar tasks, but in the end, none of you will bring anything unique to the table. So, try to choose a topic that is as different as possible from those of your colleagues.

Don’t be afraid of bioconjugationchemistry

This is one of the hottest chemistry fields of the moment. While certain synthetic chemicals can prove to be dangerous, others can completely redefine the fields of biology and chemistry. Linking the synthetic and the biological worlds has numerous applications in different fields, from pharmaceuticals to biological engineering and much more.


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