Custom Hangers – A Fantastic Way to Promote Your Brand


Any type of industry can use custom hangers to advertise their brand. We often think of hangers as only being used in our cupboards and in clothing stores, but they can also be used in hotels, laundry shops, cruise ships, fashion houses and so on. These hangers are usually passed from one customer to the next, meaning that they are a true type of moving advertisement. This is piece of marketing that you really shouldn’t forget about. Your company can be exposed in areas that you hadn’t even thought of, simply by using custom hangers.

So long as you find a good supplier, they should be able to print your logo on the hanger. This is absolutely vital in terms of making sure that your advertisement is effective as well. Hence, you may have to look at your logo in some greater detail. The space on hangers is generally quite small and you need to make sure that your logo is still clearly visible and easy to read. If you have a very intricate logo, therefore, you may have to alter it slightly so that it becomes friendlier for the small amount of space available.

In order to print your logo, the image file should be provided in the right format. Your printer will usually tell you how much resolution they need, how many colors are acceptable and which format (JPEG or TIFF for instance) they need. They will generally also tell you whether there are any size limitations or specific proportions they require. Most printers will use Pantone, which is a color specification that allows printing on non-paper objects. Most of these companies are now fully online, which means you can simply upload your image or email it to them.

The service itself will depend on the company you choose. For instance, pad printing is really easy and can be used to duplicate logos on each hanger, on both sides. However, this type of printing is not of the highest quality. You may want to choose embossed logos instead, which are used through hot stamping. This is definitely a higher quality, but also more expensive. If money is no object, then you could choose laser etching, which is truly sophisticated. This allows for the greatest amount of detail of all, meaning it is also perfect for those more intricate logos.

Using custom hangers is an unconventional but highly effective way of promoting your business across the world. Besides the fact that people will take your hangers home, show them to their friends and then pass them on again to other stores, it is also a way to enhance the brand image of your store. Having custom hangers looks very professional and it makes you look like someone who is willing to spend a little money on quality. People will then automatically assume that you are also willing to invest in customer service, meaning brand trust is increased as well. Clearly, this is something you need to use to your advantage.

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