Decorating Your Living Room with Throw blankets and Pillows

Throw blankets and pillows are an inexpensive and easy way to decorate both your interiors, as well as your exteriors. In fact, if you would like to add a splash of color and pattern to your living room, you have a few choices 1) you can invest in expensive abstract paintings, 2) have your walls re-painted or 3) you can use creative throw blankets or pillows to create some flair.


With so many colors, fabrics, shapes, sizes, patterns and designs, throws and pillows are the perfect accent to any living space or living room. Alternatively, if you’re more partial to pillows than throws, you can use them for aesthetic or even functional use in your room. And the nice thing about pillows is that in addition to accenting the rest of your room, they serve as a support for your body or any body part – helping you to relax in style. Some even like them just for their ability to make resting more comfortable – either way, the choice is yours.

Similar to pillows, throw blankets can also help you create a wonderful accent to the rest of your furnishings; providing you with comfort, warmth and enhanced living room decorum.

Styles and Accents

Throw blankets and pillows come in so many different looks. As a matter of fact, as anyone who has ever decorated with them will tell you – the possibilities to spruce up your home with them are totally endless. The styles include:

  • luxury throw pillows
  • sofa throw
  • small cushions
  • bed cushions
  • throw-blankets
  • fur-blankets

However, the most important thing to keep in mind when you use them is that, as much as possible, you want to try and reflect your own style and personality. Additionally, you also want to keep in mind the current theme of your living room and use the colors and patterns that you already have in your home to help you choose the right throws and pillows.

Additionally, if you are thinking about re-decorating any living space or rooms in your home without replacing your old furniture, you should try to ensure that your new throw blankets and pillows do not clash with your old furniture and home accessories. Otherwise, if this is not a concern you can almost always justchoosebrighter or bolder colors and patterns to help accentuate the current look.


Sometimes Less Is More

When it comes to the quantity, you just want to choose a number of accents that is appropriate – not too many, not too few – so that your living room looks clean, simple and elegant.For example, when accenting your sofa – try using limited number the big pillows. The effect is usually much better than using too many small-pillows; as they tend to make your sofa look more busy and less comfortable. Alternatively, you can try using an odd number of pillows to help present a more modern look.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use throws and pillows to liven up your living space. And if you don’t take anything else away from this article, just remember that whatever you choose to do – always be true to your own style. Keep that in mind and your interior decoration efforts will turn out just fine!

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