Different Kinds Of Motorcycle Accessories

If you are wondering what the different kinds of motorcycle accessories you could invest in are, there are several kinds that you can choose from. Besides the basic safety gear you can take your pick among jackets, vests and other accessories like gloves, boots, knee and elbow guards and so forth. These accessories don’t only have a protection element, but also offer you style and versatility. When it comes to leather vests, these can be worn under motorcycle jackets or simpler, depending on the external weather conditions.

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Different motorcycle vest designs

As with motorcycle jackets, you can opt for a motorcycle vest as per the following features:

  • The vests can be of v neck or round neck designs; they are usually without a collared neckline.
  • Popular vest materials are leather and denim.
  • Vests are sleeveless and have a fitted design, usually about waist coat length.
  • Pockets, belts and buckles are functional and decorative elements on motorcycle vests.

Style features

Motorcycle vest designs usually have certain accessories on them that enable the wearer to make a style statement. Interesting accessory features are buckle like straps which are often added to the sides or decorative studs on the sleeves. Decorative straps on the back and buckles as well are common decorative elements besides zips on the sleeves, in front or on the pockets.

Accessory elements to choose from

Whether you are picking denim or leather motorcycle vest, these are usually not of plain design. There are design variations such as hand warmer pockets on the side or chest pockets. Most vests have a satin lining on the inside that increases the comfort factor as well as adds as an effective layer of insulation. Many have gun pockets on the inside that allow one to carry light firearms or other valuable items. These are the main functional design elements in motorcycle vests and one can pick a design or item as per their personal preference.

Making your choice

When you are looking to make a motorcycle vest purchase you need to consider certain elements such as:

  • The material of your choice, such as denim or leather and finishes on the material.
  • Functional and accessory elements offered on a vest design.
  • The fit of the vest, whether you prefer a loose or a tailored fit.
  • Lining or inner pocket options.

The above points will help you decide on a motorcycle vest that would suit your personal sense of style and requirement. Besides making a style statement you need to keep in mind certain functional elements you require as per your riding conditions. If you are prone to ride in cold weather conditions, having a well lined vest that is a snug fit will help protect your chest from the chills. Again, if you are planning to complement a vest with a jacket, you would want the designs to be coordinated and the vest to have minimal accessories. The neckline also will make a difference when you wear a vest below a jacket. It is easy to shop for leather motorcycle vests from numerous online choices these days.


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