Different Kinds Of Facial Masks

There are different kinds of facial masks which are available in the market in order to cater to different skin types. One can opt for a facial mask out of one ingredient or one that is made out of several ingredients. When one applies a facial mask on their face, they need to spread the mask all over the face or in certain areas and then rinse, wipe it off or peel it off, as per the instructions given on the product. There are different kinds of masks available for helping one to deal with diverse skin problems. The products come in different forms such as


  • self heating
  • exfoliating
  • peel off masks
  • clay masks
  • whitening masks and others.

Clay Masks

For those who have oily skin, they need to opt for clay masks. These help to absorb the excess oil from the face as well as help to prevent and heal acne and blemishes. Such masks can also be applied on other parts of the body which are prone to acne. Clay masks usually include bentonite which is absorbent and non toxic clay and helps to absorb the excess oil from the skin. The clay mask of different beauty product brands include different ingredients.

Cream Based Masks

For those who have ageing or dry skin need to go for cream based mask products. These masks come with certain extracts, oil and emollients which help to smoothen and soften the skin. A variation of such masks are the whitening masks. These masks include chemicals which help to lighten the skin tone. Some mask include clay as well as cream ingredients. Such ingredients have self heating properties. They heat up the skin when applied on wet skin. The masks are designed so that the pores open up and relax the skin as well.

Exfoliating Masks

The third type of masks is the exfoliating masks. Such masks help to remove the dead skin cells from the facial surface. The formulae used in such masks differ from one brand to another. Some masks use abrasive ingredients in the form of ground substances which come in a clay or a cream base. Others include chemical exfoliants such as alpha hydroxyl acid which helps to remove dead skin cells. Such masks help to remove dead cells and promotes the natural glow and health of the facial skin. Sometime the facial masks come in gel form.

How To Choose A Facial Mask

When you are about to do a home facial and need to purchase facial masks from the market, it is important to read the ingredients list and confirm whether the ingredients are suitable for your skin type. There are different beauty brands that market such products. The reliability and reputation of a brand is also vital when choosing a product from such a company. One can opt for a facial cleansing brush as well. The following website pleasingcare.com offers handy information about home facial and related products.


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