Dubai in 48 hours: A Short Travel Guide

Please take observe that the great months to go to Dubai might be in the course of winter season whilst the weather is tremendous to revel in outdoors:  November to February

Depending for your tolerance, the climate is bearable in those months:  September, October,  March, April.

Let’s start the tour!

Day 1 – Tour of Old Dubai & Desert Adventure

Jumeirah Mosque Visit

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road

Hours: 3 hours

Mosques are places of worship for Muslims and if you’re a non-Muslim, you can not certainly input this location. However, the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) offers a Mosque Visit for all people to apprehend our Muslim brothers and sisters and Islam faith. You can e-book a spiritual excursion and feature your questions about Emirati culture and faith answered by using a Muslim.

Tour of the Souks in Old Dubai and Riding  anAbra

Location: Dubai Creek – Deira aspect and Al Fahidi facet Bur Dubai – Gold Souk,  Spice Souk, Al Bastakiya, Al Fahidi museum

Hours to spend: 3-5 hours consisting of lunch

You can head to the Creek location in Old Dubai and tour the Gold Souk, Spice Souk, and Perfume Souk within the Deira side of the creek. Afterwards, you could ride the Abra, or a  traditional wooden boat and pay as low as 1 Dirham for the journey to the Al Fahidi facet of the creek. Once you’re on the Al Fahidi side, you may then stroll to the Old Souk and to the vintage bastakiya region. Drop by way of Arabian Teahouse and take hold of yourself a chew of their salads and drink tea even for lunch.

Go again and bypass the old souk region,  maintain strolling until you attain the the aspect where you can see some camels and a donkey. Locals are round, ingesting tea and you may chat with them. You may be given dates and Arabic tea so that you can experience Emirati hospitality. You can also take a image of a falcon.

You can also drop by the Al Fahidi Museum ( for 10 AED entrance fee) and study the history of the oldest community district in Dubai.

Ride the abra for 1 Dirham.

Have overdue lunch at Arabian teahouse

Day 2 – Tour of New Dubai – Skyscrapers, Malls and Beaches

At the Top Adventure at BurjKhalifa

Hours to Spend: 2 hours

Location: BurjKhalifa (At the Top)

Wakeup early for an early journey to the tallest constructing in the world. Ride a taxi for the reason that Dubai Metro is still closed at dawn. Around 5:30am is the meeting time on the At The Top. This is the vicinity in which you may view the town of Dubai from the observation deck of the tallest building the world.

The motive why we want you to wake up and e book this dawn experience is because you could see the metropolis at the same time as it’s nevertheless darkish and witness the dawn and spot the town all through daylight hours. You get each perspectives one visit. Take lots of pics or just respect the view!

Tip: The dawn viewing is best to be had every Friday and Saturday. Otherwise, regular viewing is at 8am. 125 AED in keeping with person Book tickets earlier. You can book on line thru

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