Enjoy the Benefits of Good Health during winter with Natural Therapies

I am sure all of you must have enjoyed the wonderful summer but now the time has come to welcome winter. At the same time, everyone starts getting a little concerned about the idea of months of cold, wet, damp, moist & cloudy weather. Thoughts too turn to the inevitable illness’s that winter brings: chest infection, runny nose, cough, hay fever, migraines and stiff shoulder joints and we start shivering in anticipation and start increasing out intake of Vitamin C and antibiotics. Specifically, those who have children can understand what I am trying to share – the restless nights with a constantly sick child and the regular visits to the GP for a quick fix to these problems. Those who are elderly approach winter with a horrible thought of a season of painful & stiff joints. Those suffering from arthritis especially know they have to spend many restless nights in constant pain.

Now in this advance era of modern medication system we are blessed with the science of Naturopath which stands for the movements of natural caring for wellness. Actually it is the same process of healing treatment like Ayurveda. Who understand the principles of Ayurveda and have experienced the benefits in the past know that by following Ayurvedic seasonal regimes one can enjoy a healthy winter free from the suffering of winter ailments.

Naturopathy is both a philosophy and way of life that emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself naturally by living within the laws of nature, and by the use of natural foods and medicines like herbal medicine, homoeopathy, and nutritional therapy that support self-healing mechanisms. Thus, naturopaths believe that nature has healing powers and that the body has considerable ability to heal itself.

When you hear the word ‘Traditional Naturopath’, some people may get puzzled or nervous. The fact vestiges, there is a big confusion regarding the expression ‘NATUROPATH’. Traditional naturopathy and natural medicine would be the fastest growing alternative health restraints in the current days. Naturopath integrates a lot of viewpoints into curing, mostly focused on all around health.

There are lots of people at present that are looking at methods to get their health in check. Because of this, there is such a rehabilitated interest in naturopath medicine. There are number of alternatives that a naturopath will use when treating a client. Diet alterations, relaxation schedule and massage are just a few of the choices that are available to a client. They also can opt for herbal medicines in conjunction with the other therapies.

Thus to get the proper treatment guideline regarding the Ayurveda or naturopath only an expertise natural practitioner can be help you to get the right way of this. The uses of natural health products are optimum needs to get the proper result regarding the natural therapies for health wellness as well as for the beauty care.

From an Ayurvedic point of view our focus will be to minimize the accumulation of Kapha which one of the three primary intelligences that govern all bodily functions, in the body by changes to our diet & lifestyle. Ayurveda gives us a clear message that whatever problems we suffer does not come for anywhere else but are created by us when we make incompatible diet, lifestyle & environmental choices. As per the Ayurvedic concept winter is the time when the Kapha Dosha is dominant; this means that the Kapha qualities of coldness, dampness, moistness, heaviness, cloudiness and thickness will manifest in the environment. It is when Kapha becomes imbalanced in the body that health problems such as colds, coughs, runny nose, hay fever, headache, migraine, stiff & painful joints, asthma start visible. With following the seasonal routines provided by the expertise Ayurvedic doctor in winter so that all our valued clients, their family & friends can enjoy the benefits of good health during this season.

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