Four Things You May Want to Do Before Selling Your Home

Let’s face it, your home is your biggest investment, and selling it will require ample time and effort. The ideal is to minimize the time that your house is on the market and net the biggest return you can. To do this, you need to make your home desirable to the potential buyer, ranging from getting an upfront home inspection to splurging for a new roof. It doesn’t matter how much you love the house or have enjoyed living there, if you can’t hook the buyer right away, you will likely lose the sale. Following are four items that, while they may be expensive, may achieve the highest net return. Each of these is something that the buyer won’t have to do and, therefore, will make the house more attractive.

Hire a Landscaper

Maybe you have been doing your own mowing and trimming for years and are happy with the yard. But every real estate agent you talk to will impress on you the value of curb appeal. Bring in a professional landscaper for a consultation. Let them know that you will be putting your house on the market and aren’t interested in expensive long-term planning, but rather bang for your buck. Work out a plan that makes your yard look good, and fast, while being easy to maintain. Speaking of maintenance, you may want to go ahead and spring for a contract that has landscapers visiting your home weekly to keep it in top shape.

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Hire a Painter

This is another one of those chores that new buyers don’t want to deal with. If they say to themselves, “Well, we’re going to have to paint,” that may send them down the road. Hire a reputable painting contractor and have them paint the entire exterior and interior with a bright, but neutral color. This can freshen up an older home more quickly than almost anything else.

Get New Carpet

You probably don’t pay much attention to your carpet, but take a good look at it. Can you see the traffic patterns? Are there worn and stained areas? Again, if the buyer knows that the first thing they have to do is buy and install a new carpet, that may be a turn-off. Replace all of the carpet, and again, with a neutral color. Don’t buy the most expensive carpet and pad, but don’t get the cheapest either. You want the buyers to feel like they are walking on a clean new carpet that they won’t have to replace for years.

Get a New Roof

No matter how good the rest of the house looks, an old roof looks like an old roof. And with a roof, it’s not just about aesthetics. An old and worn roof is a leak waiting to happen. Fixing it up may be expensive, but a new roof tells the buyer that they won’t have to worry about making repairs for fifteen years or more. This can be a great selling point and attract top dollar.

You don’t need to remodel your whole house to get it in shape to sell, but there are specific things that you can do to attract buyers to your home and away from your competition.

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