How to Keep Your Accessories Minimalist

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So, you’re a minimalist. You’ve adopted the “less is more” lifestyle, and we can’t blame you. There’s something timeless, sophisticated, and fresh about minimalistic looks, especially when it comes to fashion. However, minimalism doesn’t necessarily translate to the absence of accessories. If you’ve shunned accessorizing for the sake of a clean look, consider revisiting this decision. We’re here to tell you that you can stay committed to your minimalist lifestyle, while incorporating accessories. The trick is to aim for fresh and subtle pieces that will add character and layers to your look, without the clutter. We’ve put together a few understated accessory ideas that we’re sure you’ll love. Take a look at these pieces that will allow you to accessorize while sticking to your simplistic ways:

Sleek Sunnies

If you don’t have asimplepair of sunnies, you’ll need to get your hands on a pair…stat! This is the ultimate accessory for minimalists. Functional and fashionable, you can’t go wrong with sleek sunglasses. Go for classic acetate frames that will go with any outfit.

Crossbody with a Hint of Color

We know you’re not a fan of multi-colored looks. This doesn’t mean you should avoid color altogether. Although sticking to the basics like black, white, gray and nude (with the occasional olive green) is a look we love, there’s nothing wrong with subtly incorporating a shade or two. Crossbody bags are a great way to add a subtle splash of color. Opt for a simple everyday crossbody bag in blue or maroon for a hint of flavor that won’t overcomplicate things. Think Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags for style inspiration.

Simply Stacked Rings

We know you walk or scroll past the giant statement rings while shopping, but it won’t hurt to pause for a set of subtle stacked rings. We’re thinking very thin and delicate, without the bling. This will give you just a little embellishment that is still unassuming.

Understated Studs

Stud earrings are always sophisticated, no matter what the outfit. We love the idea of a classic pair you can where from day to night. Once you some simple studs a test-drive, you’ll be hooked. It’ll be awkward to leave the house without them…take our word for it.

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