How to Move House in an Environmentally Friendly Manner

The phrases ‘moving house’ and ‘environmentally-friendly’ seem entirely at odds with each other. In the midst of moving home, you may feel pangs of guilt that you are not doing your bit for mother earth. But, there are ways that you can move house and ensure that you are still remaining green. Eco-friendly moving solutions are becoming more prevalent in the removal and moving industry. Businesses are becoming more aware of their green responsibilities. What is more, they are passing on this information to their customers. Having an environmentally-friendly approach to moving house is a priority for many. If you are keen to make your move green, there are some great ways that you can do this.


Why It is Important to Go Green

Everyone is becoming more aware of the impact that our actions have on the environment. With this in mind, more and more people are eager to make small changes in their everyday lives to become more eco-friendly. This means that even something like moving house can be done in a green manner. Many companies, such as The Professionals movers company, talk about how they can make your move a green one. Many ethical companies are keen to minimise their impact on the environment. This means that they have green policies in place. Moving house need not damage the environment. On the contrary, your move does not have to have a significant impact on the wider world at all. You can move house and be rest-assured that you are minimising your carbon footprint.

How Companies Will Assist You with Your Quest to be Eco-Friendly

A lot of moving companies will have green policies and procedures in place. They will highlight this on their website. If you want to make sure that your company has an ethical conscience, check out their website. If they do not talk about their environmental efforts, the chances are they do not have these policies in place.

As a general rule of thumb, the companies that do practice green efforts will be keen to let you know what they do.

For example, some companies will express their desire to improve the environment. After all, the petrol consumption and packaging that is used when moving house can have a detrimental effect on the world. Many companies are keen to show consumers how they minimise this impact.

Some companies use plastic boxes instead of cardboard. This allows them to reuse the boxes again and again. They may also have a recycling program in place. This means that any leftover consumable packaging will be taken to a plant and put to good use. The prevalent use of plastics in the moving industry is something that many companies like to minimise.

Obtaining Your Packaging: How to Source This Ethically

While a lot of plastics and cardboard are consumed in the midst of moving house, you can ensure that you are minimising their usage. You can source used cardboard boxes instead of new. You can ask at your local grocery store for their boxes. You can also endeavour to reuse wrapping and packaging. You can ensure that your fragile possessions are wrapped securely in paper. You don’t have to purchase an excessive amount of bubble wrap. Newspaper is effective when moving home. Old newspapers can then be recycled after use. If you don’t want to spend money on newspapers, using linen and cloths can guarantee that your goods are safe in transit.

Preparing For the Move

When you are ready to move, you will undoubtedly want to clean both properties. For the eco-savvy, this may mean investing in eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Emitting harsh chemicals from your home is the key to being environmentally-friendly. You need to make sure that your home is being cleaned with natural solutions. You can reuse old cloths too!


Everyone likes to get rid of their old possessions when they are moving. Instead of sending them to the landfill, you can give usable clothes and toys to local charity shops. Do not dump everything. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Endeavour to recycle and donate as much as possible. You should only throw things away when they are no longer usable.

Rent-a-Box: It’s a Real Thing!

Rent-a-box sounds like a bizarre concept, but in fact, it is rather revolutionary. Many companies are now ensuring their green credentials by providing customers with rented boxes. This keeps the cardboard consumption to a minimum. Renting plastic boxes is an excellent way to ensure that you keep costs down. This is cost efficient and eon friendly. The boxes tend to come in a wide variety of sizes so that they are suitable for all customers. You simply pack your belongings into the rented boxes and away you go. Return them to your moving company when you have finished your move. This is a savvy way to make sure that you are doing your bit for the wider environment.

The prices of rent-a-box can vary. You should ask your local, friendly, Removal Company what policies they have in place. If you need a lot of boxes, they may be able to offer you this for a reduced fee. These boxes are proven to reduce waste within the moving industry. They are an affordable option too.

Be a trailblazer and ensure that you are leading the way for a green revolution!

In Summary…

Being green doesn’t have to be hard. It is an affordable and responsible solution to moving house. You don’t have to worry that mounting costs will render you unable to be eco-friendly. Having a conscience doesn’t have to cost the earth. No pun intended. You should always seek out the services of professional companies to assist you with your quest to move. They will be able to give you great tips and advice on how to move home in an environmentally-friendly manner.

You can move house in an ethical way. Utilising the tips from this guide will stand you good stead.

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