Is Alcohol-Free Beer Finally Accepted by the Masses?

Global brewer AB InBev UK has recently released the data from a recent survey about the popularity of alcohol-free beer.

The data shows that opinions have changed towards alcohol-free beer over the last five years and many people (49%) no longer consider drinking alcohol-free beer to be a social pariah.

This data confirms the belief that British adults are increasingly likely to choose an alcohol-free option.

43% of adults said they had tried an alcohol-free beer before and many said they would be content to do so again.

Yorkshire and Humberside residents were particularly keen to try this type of beer with 52% of all surveyed expressing interest.

CGA, the official research group, has put forward some data that supports the survey findings of AB InBev. The research points to Beck’s Blue, the zero-alcohol alternative brewed by AB InBev, as the most popular of all of the non-alcoholic beers available.

Over this past year, Beck’s Blue has increased its market share to over 50%. This is for both on and off trade.

Jennifer Anton, the marketing manager for Beck’s, said:

“We’re really excited to see the results of the survey… offering consumers choice is an important part of our commitment to responsible drinking”.

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