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2016 is already in full swing. Is there something new in e-commerce? It seems that the market is developing actively. In a competitive environment, merchants look for any opportunities to be presented on the market and attract target audience. So, Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) is continuing to be in trend, but their role is constantly expanding.


It is a fact that online market is growing rapidly thanks to mobile devices, emergence of multi-channel retail and quick development of cross-border e-Commerce in B2C segment. It has been noticed that more and more people prefer to do pre-purchase search and the information from comparison shopping platforms strongly influences consumers’ behavior. Today, buyers can use mobile connection anywhere and it has a strong impact on the offline retail. People are able to compare prices on mobile devices being in a store and, if the price is more attractive, they can make purchase immediately. Can you imagine how many opportunities to catch customers we have today?

The key market players most likely will not change. Across all projections for CASEs, Google Shopping is leading in this segment as the major platform for comparison shopping. The main competitor for it is Amazon which has occupied a strong position in the USA for the past year. Most likely Facebook will try to take the largest share on the market as it is gradually beginning to position itself not only as a social network but also as a shopping platform.

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Considering the above mentioned, we are ready to offer our solutions for all Magento store owners. GoMage Feed Pro is an extension that allows creating and uploading special feed files to the most popular Shopping Engines such as Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, Facebook and many others. Each platform has its own requirements to the template of the feed file. If you don’t have special technical skills to configure such files, our Feed Manager can help you.

You can create any number of the feed files. Each file can be edited, so you can delete or add the necessary attributes, or select which products should be exported using Filter Configuration section. It is possible to configure a dynamic attribute for the most complex conditions and create the EAN, UPC and MPN codes without additional costs (such codes are generated as a set of random numbers and are not unique).

The extension allows generating and uploading the feed files both ways – manually and automatically, and sending them to the shopping systems via FTP or SFTP protocols. If Child/Parent products are available in Magento online store, it is possible to create special bundles and import them quickly and easily. Moreover, if it is necessary to support marketing campaign and export all discounted products to the required shopping engines, this can also be done without any problems.

GoMage Feed Pro allows you to save your time and update the information online very quickly. In the face of strong competition, it is very important. E-commerce is a huge market, so the more platforms you occupy, the more chances to attract the customer you have. Use all opportunities and have a nice selling.

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