Maximizing your Outdoor Living Space

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There is a trend in warm environments to make use of exterior space in ways that echo the comfort and style of your living room. Beautiful outdoor furniture options with high quality upholstery, the comfort of interior furnishings, and the durability necessary to withstand the elements are essential qualities in making this a long-term solution for your home. Interior furnishings are not designed to withstand the moisture and sun exposure that occurs outdoors, even when under a covered patio. It is important to choose to decorate your outdoor space with items that are intended for that purpose.

When you want to create an outdoor entertaining or living space, choose pieces that are made of weather resistant fabrics, and long lasting weather resistant hardwoods. You don’t have to give up the look of interior furnishings, but you do have to be sure to choose wisely. Your basic pieces are most practical in neutral colors such as beige, black, white, grey or navy. But modern pieces are available in just about every color to suit even the most vibrant of personalities. You can easily add pillows, carpets, lighting, and other accessories to bring out your color palate if you choose your basic pieces conservatively.

Common themes for outdoor furniture are inspired by a variety of exotic destinations, and tropical, floral or otherwise tribal patterns are common. These vivid designs are an excellent palate for your decorating needs. Imagine a sandy and sunset themed space complete with candles, and cushions for lounging, or a sultry soft blue and green ocean inspired oasis. You can turn your garden terrace into a brown, and green jungle full of pops of bright colors to liven it up. The outdoors allows for a broader spectrum of plant life, and options for accent pieces sometimes, even than interior rooms.

The world truly is full of possibilities, and inspirations when it comes to personalizing your outdoor living space. Look for items that make you feel a particular way. Whether the space is designed to be relaxing, stimulating, or the perfect place for family and friends to socialize. Outdoor furniture can be the center of a fantastic exterior design. If you have a really hard time seeing what a space will look like in your mind, there are many simple and cheap applications for your phone or computer that can show you drawings of your design space complete with the items you are thinking about using. Or you can go one step further to ensuring your space is perfect, without doing all the creative work yourself by hiring a design professional to bring your paradise to life.

The trend in using outdoor space to maximize interior space in climates that are accommodating isn’t likely to fade. The social quality and value of an outdoor space that is well designed is immeasurable adding quite a bit to the home owners quality of life, and the resale value of the home.

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