What Parents Should Expect from their Adult Children

Parenting is not an easy task. Indeed, it can be every bit as complicated as it seems. Even though it might get a bit easier over time, it gets even more complex when your kids grow up. Most parents would feel relieved when they’ve finally gone beyond the teenage years. As challenging as it is to raise teenagers, bonding with your adult children can be even more challenging.

Furthermore, as a parent, you’re going to have high expectations for your adult children. In fact, many parents do, so in this regard, you are not alone.  However, the question you must ask yourself is whether your expectations are realistic. Below is a summary what you can expect from your adult children.

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  1. You make mistakes too. Some parents always talk about everything their children do. However, sometimes you may find yourself in the wrong. It is not every time that a parent is right. You can be wrong too. It’s nice to listen to the other party before condemning. If your kid does something wrong, try to understand the reason and motive by which he or she did so because understanding your children is paramount.
  2. Free from drug addiction. Due to peer pressure, you kid may get involved in drugs and alcohol abuse or addiction. Of course, every parent would want his or her children to be an inspiration to others as well as best members of the society.

As a parent, it is your role to ensure that your kids are free from drug and alcohol abuse by living an exemplary life and shunning drug addiction. Teach and encourage your children to stay away from bad company that may lead to addiction. Drug addiction may create conflicts at home, and some kids may even abuse their parents. Avoid giving them money and advise them on the best things to do.

  1. You have the right to say,‘No’.As a parent, you have every right to say ‘No’; this is especially the case if your children are not doing what is right. If you want your child to do what is right at the right time, you have the right to refuse your children’s requests whenever they’re not doing the right thing. If your kids are not managing their finances well, you have the right to advice and say No. Of course, your children may not like it, but as a parent, you must stand strong and say No.
  2. Peace of mind.At some points, most folks think that living without their kids will guarantee peace of mind and freedom; this is not true. Lives of some parents get stressful and strained when their children are no longer at home.

Parents will not have peace of mind if their kids have issues such as mistreatment by their spouses, financial problems, health problems, drug abuse or involvement in criminal acts. In fact, according to therecoveryvillage.com for a parent to have a peace of mind, he or she would expect his children to be responsible, live healthily and get married to responsible spouse among others.

  1. Realistic expectations.Some basic behaviors would bring reasonable expectations for adult children. Of course, your young adults may be going to school or even working. Of course, they must be responsible children who can pay their bills, pay their insurance and cater for almost all their expenses. Every parent would expect his children to be responsible.
  2. Financial responsibility.As a responsible parent, let your children know that your money is not theirs. Let them know that you have the right to do what you want with your money. Giving them money is not their right. It is a gift. If either of your children needs something, you have the right to your money. It is not your responsibility to provide financial freedom.
  3. Expect to be guilt free.As a parent of an adult child, you are no longer responsible for what your kids do. What they do is on them. As such, if your kids aren’t responsible, you should not feel guilty. After all, they are grownups, and know and apply what is right. A parent should not feel guilty about the behaviors of a child.

Now that you know what to expect from your children why not cherish the moments that you have with them and let them live life to the fullest.


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