Protecting Yourself from Online Security Threats

It cannot be denied that a staggering number of consumers finds themselves glued to their computers throughout the day. In fact, estimates indicate that the average consumer spends at least 8 hours per day on their personal computers carrying out tasks as varied as desktop publishing, music and entertainment, graphics, online activities and more. However, the enhanced productivity does not come without challenges. Namely, these issues include online security risks in the form of viruses, spam and identity theft.

And although many consumers have some awareness of these risks, all too often their response is too little too late. The good news is that with the right antivirus software such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky & Norton etc, you can protect your computer from nearly all manner of online threats. Continue reading to learn more about protecting your laptop or PC from the various pitfalls awaiting unsuspecting users.


Third Party Virus Protection

The more activities you engage in via your computer, the more you put yourself at risk for intrusion by viruses, malicious spam and much more. A great example comes from something that we all do, which is send and receive emails. An activity as simple as visiting your favorite website and clicking an ad can result in substantial turmoil being wrought on your computer–including and up to the destruction of your hard drive. How? All it takes to contract a computer virus or unknowingly share personal and private information with online criminals is for you to inadvertently click the wrong link or ad.

On the other hand, digital threats are fairly easy to avoid if you have already installed an antivirus package. In fact, in many software packages will even deliver a distinct warning upon clicking an inflected web link. Also, let it be said that thanks to the Bitdefender discount it is now easier than ever to ensure that your computer is protected.

It may not be common knowledge, nonetheless, even activities as seemingly straightforward as checking emails can have major ramifications, when it comes to the health of your laptop or pc. In fact, while email providers routinely screen out a substantial portion of suspicious emails, many malicious messages still make it into your inbox. And you need only click one malicious link to contract a nasty computer virus. But again, just having the right Internet security software can often mean the difference between having no problems at all versus you having a really bad day.

Identity Theft Protection

Not only can antivirus software protect you from spam and other online nuisances, but it can also curtail incidents of identity theft that have quickly grown to become one of the most widespread criminal activities of the modern era. Remember, identity thieves can strike at any time and they can do it in a variety of ways, so the best way to defend yourself is by being prepared. And history has shown that the best way to prepare is by installing the right Internet security software on your desktop or laptop.

While viruses, spam and identity theft may seem like abstractions that only happen to others and not you, statistics show that there is much cause for concern. As a result, protecting yourself from these risks should be your number one priority, if you own any type of computing device. The bottom line is that the benefits of installing web security software are immense and far outweigh any costs associated with acquiring the software.

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