How to Raise Money with Digital Scoring Tables

Athletic directors know just how hard it can be to raise money for gym renovations or for supporting athletic programs. Fundraising events require a lot of time and money to plan and relying solely on government grants is simply not enough. Fortunately, nowadays there is a simple and effective solution to generate revenue for athletic programs. This new solution comes from digital scoring tables. These modern devices are used for advertising different businesses at local sports events. While most of them are quite easy to use, you need some guidance to use them to their full potential. Follow our tips if you want to raise money fast and put your athletic plans in motion!

1. Invest in top quality digital scorer tables

Digital scoring tables, also known as scorer tables, come in many designs. However, their efficiency is not measured by their designs, but by their features. To make the most of such a device, you should buy from a reputable manufacturer. Make sure that the table is made of quality materials, so that it cannot be easily damaged. Moreover, make sure that it comes with an intuitive software that allows you to easily manage the advertisements. More specifically, the scorerstable should feature a proof of replay feature, so that you can create ad reports and prove to your sponsors how many times their ads were played. We suggest investing in a Sideline Interactive scoring table. They are sturdy and they feature an intuitive software. Moreover, you can start with one table, and if you wish to buy more in the future, you can use them together in double or triple view to create a bigger advertising space.

2. Choose your sponsors wisely

When you first start this endeavor, it would be wise to start with some local businesses who have already shown interest in supporting your team. If you don’t have this choice, call for a special meeting. Invite fellow colleagues and coaches, and if you are using the scoring table for a school gym, invite other teachers and even parents who frequently get involved in athletic events. Ask everybody to contribute with some ideas of businesses that might be interested. Maybe some people have connections between local business owners, which they can contact directly and persuade them to participate in this endeavor.

Be ready to negotiate

Most businesses are pretty eager to sponsor local teams. They already have a marketing budget and supporting local teams is good for their image. However, don’t expect them to shower you with money if you just send them a formal mail invitation. After all, this is business and you need to act the part. Request meetings with the general managers or the marketing managers of your chosen businesses. To prepare for the meeting, you must first know your product and its advantages. Be ready to explain to your potential sponsors how the digital scorers table works, how their ads will be featured and what type of exposure they will benefit from (number of people who usually come to see the sports events, the age segment of the audience and so on). Ideally, you should have different sponsorship packages for different types of businesses, since not all of them have the same marketing budget. Nonetheless, be prepared to negotiate fiercely. Consider how much money you need to raise with the scoring tables and negotiate accordingly.

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