Six of the Sweetest Convertibles for Summertime Driving

Summer is short and sweet and you want to soak up as much of that warm summer sun as possible. Here is a small list with some of the sweetest Convertibles rides for going “topless”:

  1. Volkswagen Golf Carbiolet: This car has a sophisticate look with just enough sportiness to make it fun. Classic in black or white, this car is perfect for summer trips to the beach and seats four comfortably for families as well. The newer MK6 models are best although the MK1 is now considered a classic. MK3’s and MK4’s just don’t seem as nice.
  2. Fiat 124 Spider: This car is sheer fun for motoring around town or getting out on the open road. It looks good, sounds good and drives beautifully. This is the two seater car designed for happy couples out for some romance or two mates enjoying the summer breeze. You can look for later models for a steal if you are not quite up to the recent model 2017 Fiat 124 Spider price ticket.
  3. BMW 3 Series: This car might not be affordable driven right off the lot brand new – at least not for all of you. Because these cars are so well made however you are certain to find a used one that will work just as well. These four seaters are great for couples and families alike and you really will get more car for your money as far as used cars go. Brand new you will of course be investing in a car that will last.
  4. Lotus Elise: Before you roll your eyes about how you are possibly able to afford such a car, consider that a used model can sell for as little as 12,000 USD. For this car that is a steal and you will never be able to drive another car again once you feel how beautifully these little gems handle. One word of warning: It is not for someone who is on in years as it can prove a bit of a struggle to climb into.
  5. Audi TT: There is something very fine about the Audi TT. It has elegance, a hint of sport and also a touch of whimsy thanks to its very curvy styling. This is another model with a surprisingly reasonable price, coming in as low as 10,000 USD used. It isn’t as well handling as some of the other cars on the list, but the interior is lovely and you really won’t find a car for the price and look that you will enjoy as much.
  6. Mercedes Benz SL: The SL is a favourite car of many as it is sleek, sexy and drives like a dream. You can go for the more affordable V6 engine and find you might be surprised at the price. But with the right financing you will find it is a manageable price for the stunning car you will be driving.

A convertible could be just the ticket to provide you with a warm breeze on your travels whether it is to and from work everyday, or off on summer excursions when the weekend rolls round.

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