Taking The Vegan Lifestyle To Your Beauty Products

In one of the 80s’ defining songs, it was singer-songwriter Morrissey who sang, “Meat is murder”.

And, although meat eating is still the norm, the “meat is murder” view has been gaining a lot more traction in the decades since the song was released.

As the population of vegetarians and vegans grows, so too does the demand for products that are animal-friendly, with cosmetics companies coming under fire for animal testing and animal fat in their products.

Indeed, it’s not just avoiding fish and meat in your food that’s an issue – your make-up bag could be harbouring products that have been tested on animals or, even worse, have animal parts used in their ingredients.

Whether you agree with this or not, some vegetarians and vegans will feel the need to swerve certain products to save their consciences from the tinge of animal cruelty.

However, with the use of mineral make-up you’ll find that you don’t have to compromise your values to gain good looking skin.

The future of beauty products explained

That’s right, mineral powder is being hailed as the future of the cosmetics industry, providing customers with a set of products that are free from cleansing agents, dyes, chemicals and other additives that can be harmful for skin in the long run.

Most importantly for vegans, mineral powder is free from any form of animal fats, and companies such as Sheer Cover and many more are making waves in the industry by not using animal testing in the manufacture of their goods.

Mineral powder isn’t only effective because of its lack of animal testing – the main aim of this versatile substance is to allow the user to gain a more natural look after they’ve applied their make-up, stopping them looking as though they might be “caked” in the stuff.

Everyone’s seen that tragic sight – the “Oompa Loompa” orange that some foundations inflict upon their users, leading them to look more like an emergency beacon than a human being. But, with mineral powder, the lighter form of the substance allows for a less obviously “made-up” aesthetic.

The lack of harmful substances and animal fats will also stop the pores from overloading with grease, giving the skin an oilier look that can lead to spots and a generally unhealthy pallor.

Really, it’s become the case that if you have the option to avoid animal cruelty when purchasing your beauty goods, why don’t you?

In this capitalistic world that we live in, every industry has to respond to the coming tide for fear of losing commerce and, with the purchase of beauty products that don’t harm animals, you can be certain that you’re changing an industry for the better.

So, try out mineral powder make-up, vegan soaps and cruelty-free shampoos, and you can be safe in the knowledge that nothing was harmed in the making of your products.

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