Team Building Games that are Actually Fun

Team buildings can be very nice events. However, it can sometimes be very challenging to get people to overcome that formal work atmosphere and be themselves. This is where games come into play. However, not all games are suitable for this type of event. The purpose of team building games is manifold: they must create unity among team members, they must teach cooperation, they must get people to know each other better and they must also be fun and relaxing. In what follows, we will suggest a few games that can be both fun and productive.

1. Truth or Dare – The best icebreaker

This is a great game for starting the team building event. Its purpose is to get people to know each other better, but also to unwind and escape the formal work environment. The truth part will get people to open up in front of their colleagues, and the dares will relax people and spark up some laughter. While this game is great for breaking the ice, it can also be fun to play towards the end of the event, when people have gotten to know each other better and they can afford to be more open and more honest.

2. Capture the flag

We all remember Capture the Flag, as it was one of the best childhood games. However, this game is making a serious comeback, and it can be a great team building game that encourages communication, strategy and cooperation. To make the experience more fun, we advise you to try the Redux Capture the Flag game. This game can be ordered online, it is very affordable and it comes with some glowing props that allow you to play the game at night. The rules are the same, except that the flag has been replaced with a glowing orb, and you can use glowing bracelets and territory lights to distinguish the players and the environment after dark.

3. The mine field

This game must be played in teams of two. You will need some blindfolds and random objects that will act as mines. Blindfold a person from each team, and then spread the improvised mines across a designated territory. The blindfolded people cannot speak at all, and they must cross the mine field without stepping into any object. They rely solely on the verbal directions of their teammates. This game teaches communication, collaboration and active listening. Obviously you can offer some prizes to make the game more engaging. This is also a test for a manager who must learn how to motivate their team at all times, even when playing silly team building games.

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