The 3 Best Thailand Yoga Retreat Resorts for Your Next Asian Holiday

Thailand is a beautiful island paradise in Asia. It has beautiful resorts and beaches as well. Therefore it is very popular with tourists and travelers looking for a place to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. This country is known to have a variety of fun and relaxing activities that one can indulge in. One of these is yoga. Well known for its healing and relaxation, yoga is practiced extensively in Thailand. You can participate in this centuries old practice in a classy Thailand yoga resort. There are many of them in this island paradise.

One of the resorts where you can experience an authentic Thailand yoga refuge is The Blooming Lotus Yoga resort. This is an award winning yoga resort in Thailand. At this location, you can participate in their own custom made yoga holiday package. In this package, you can enjoy various activities. Examples include classes in yoga, spa treatments and healing therapies as well. In addition to these, you can also enjoy steam room passes and yoga sessions in your private accommodations. One of the coolest things about this yoga holiday package is that you create your own schedule. At this resort, there are 3 classes for yoga. You can book yourself into the one that you want at the time that you will be available. Moreover, you can book private sessions as well. All the accessories that you need are provided to you by the resort for example yoga mats. At Blooming Lotus Yoga, you are allowed to take charge of your yoga vacation. This is because you can also choose how long you want your yoga package to run. You can choose among 3, 7 and 10 days of vacation.

Another splendid resort that you can visit for your Asian yoga holiday packages is the Yoga Resort. Located in KohSamui, this is a world class resort where you can engage in yoga while surrounded by yoga enthusiasts, professionals and instructors as well. In this resort, you are assisted to achieve your full potential by getting rid of stress as well as negative energy. This is achieved through a regimen that consists of regular massages and meditation in the mornings. You can also participate in consultation in initial wellness, as well as yoga sessions every evening. Every day, you can participate in one on one stress reduction sessions. These are handled by professional yoga instructos. Alongside the activities, you can sample the sumptuous brunches and dinners that are offered daily. Moreover, there are vegetarian meals offered at the Yoga Resort. The yoga vacation at the Vikasa lasts 4 days and costs a very affordable $720 per person.

The Blooming Lotus Yoga Resort in Bali is also one of the most sought after yoga resorts in Asia. This is because it is nestled amongst palm trees and features beautiful private beaches. Located in Ubud, this is a resort where the main purpose is to restore your peace in your spirit, body and mind. For very little per person, you can enjoy yoga every day and enjoy herbal steam room sessions as well.

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