The Busy Woman’s Detailed Guide

Women certainly have busy lives, and this is the case whether they work outside of the home or stay home to take care of their families. Oftentimes, their busy lifestyles prevent them from socializing or getting out as often as they would like. If you are one of these women and you are looking for an escape, learning how to play bingo may be just the activity you need.

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What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game that has been around for centuries in multiple forms, and today’s online bingo very closely resembles the game that has been played for generations. Learning how to play bingo is quite simple once you understand the basics of the game. The bingo card contains 25 randomly numbered squares that appear in five rows. These rows fall under five columns that are headed with the name of the game, B-I-N-G-O. A caller, or the host of the game, will pull a ball out of a hopper—much like a lotto drawing—containing one of the aforementioned letters as well as a number. Players will mark the corresponding squares on their bingo cards as balls are pulled in an effort to complete a pattern.

Getting Started

When you are first learning how to play bingo, it is best for you to start out with a traditional 75-ball game. The most basic of games requires you to complete a straight line of five squares in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If you are brand new to the game, you might want to consider participating in a new online bingo no deposit bonus game before playing for real money until you have learned the ropes. Before the caller pulls the first ball from the hopper, you can mark the center square which may be marked with the words ‘Free Space’. This square is given to all players according to the rules of the game.

Avatars and Screen Names

After learning how to play bingo, you will want to create an account that is complete with a screen name and an avatar. Your screen name is your online identification and is how other players in the online bingo room will come to know you. An avatar, on the other hand, is a digital persona that can either resemble you or be completely fictitious—this is up to you. While some venues will allow you to upload a photograph of yourself, many women choose to stick with avatars because they allow for an increased level of anonymity. You can customize the hairstyle, clothing, skin tone, and even the facial features of the avatar until you have created an image that fits your personality.

Standard vs. Online Bingo

When you learn how to play bingo online rather than in a bricks-and-mortar bingo hall, the caller and the hopper may not be visible to you. Rather, the balls will appear on the screen instantly as the caller states the letter and number contained on the ball. In online games, one ball is pulled from the virtual hopper every three to four seconds, on average. This pace is fast enough for seasoned players, yet it is still slow enough for new players to search up to three bingo cards for the corresponding squares. Busy women often prefer online bingo to standard bingo because it is accessible 24 hours a day and can be played for any length of time that fits into their schedules.

Games with 80 and 90 Balls

While the traditional 75-ball bingo game is incredibly popular among women in North America, the 80- and 90-ball versions of the game are more popular in Europe and Scandinavia. There are no tricks when it comes to learning how to play bingo with 80 or 90 balls; the game is played in the exact same manner. The additional balls present an extra challenge, and they are often favored in rooms where large crowds tend to gather. Thanks to the wonderful technology provided by the internet, women all over the world can participate in any bingo game they choose and learn how to play bingo for free without ever leaving the comforts of home.

Pattern Variations

Another important part of learning how to play bingo involves understanding the different patterns you must complete in order to win the jackpot. While straight line patterns are the simplest, additional options like Four Corners and Cover-All may become more appealing after you learn how to play bingo beyond a beginner’s level. After you have mastered these patterns, you can look for online bingo games that require you to complete letter or number patterns, symbols, and even various shapes. For instance, there are venues online that celebrate the onset of winter by asking players to complete a pattern resembling a snowflake.

Speed Bingo

For the ultimate experience in quick online bingo, speed bingo is the way to go. Instead of the caller pulling balls from the hopper until one or more players have called bingo, the caller will pull a set number of balls—usually 25 or 30—from the hopper in quick succession. Players must scramble to mark their cards within the allotted time, and every player who successfully completes the required pattern wins a prize. Once you have learned how to play bingo in this manner, you can enjoy a quick game anywhere—in the pediatrician’s waiting room, on your subway commute, or even on your coffee break.

Chat Windows

One of the absolute best resources that are available to you as you learn how to play bingo is the chat room found in almost every online bingo venue available. Here, you will be able to converse with other bingo players who may be able to provide you with some advice, hints, tips and tricks for the particular website. In some cases, chat moderators even hold side games in the chat window that will provide you with the opportunity to win even more. Many of these games are very simple in nature and involve simply choosing a few ‘lucky’ numbers. If your lucky numbers are pulled from the hopper before the other players’, you can win a small yet substantial prize.


One of the great things about learning how to play bingo online is learning about the various options that simply would not be possible in bricks-and-mortar bingo venues. Power-ups are virtual options that allow you to do some very interesting things with your bingo game. For instance, you may be able to obtain a double jackpot power-up if you win a side game. With it, you can mark any square on any of your bingo cards, and if this square is used to create a bingo during the game, you will win double the amount of the jackpot. Other power-ups allow you to do things like earn free bingo cards, points for avatar customizations and even access to other mini-games that resemble slot machines.

Game Room Customization

Once you learn how to play bingo and you feel comfortable with your abilities, you can begin to focus on other aspects of the game. Most of the game rooms available online can be completely customized to your liking. For instance, if you want to wind down after a hectic day of client meetings or even dirty diapers, you can opt for softer background music, pastel colors and a whimsical font for your chat room text. However, if you want to get energized on your lunch break, you can crank up the music, switch to bright, bold colors and choose a bold font for your chat room text. Different online bingo venues provide different customization options, so be sure to review these thoroughly for the best experience.

Member Pages

Your member page is essentially your profile, and many online bingo venues allow their patrons to create profiles that can be seen by the other players on the site. Here, you can upload photographs, make comments and view statistics regarding the games you have played. The member pages are also social hubs where you can wish your bingo friends a happy birthday, pay homage to those who helped you learn how to play bingo, announce important events in your life and so on. You should use the same discretion you would use on other social media sites when you post information about yourself here.

Site Newsletters

Site newsletters are not simply junk mail that you should delete without a glance. They not only include information about the month’s big winners, but they also provide you with important information about promotions that could save you money. Busy moms and professional women alike know that saving money is important, so take the time to review these newsletters carefully. Inside, you may find free avatar customizations, a number of free bingo cards, tips on how to play bingo in brand new rooms that the site has recently added, new bingo game rules, and even important changes to the site’s Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.

Inside Access to Co-Branded Websites

Many of the online bingo venues that are on the internet these days are actually part of an entire network of sites. Once you have learned how to play bingo in one venue, you can enjoy a bingo game in any venue on the internet or even in your local bingo hall. If you would like to take a vacation from your usual bingo venue, you can always take a look at these co-branded sites. In some cases, and particularly if you are a paid subscriber to the primary bingo site, you can get perks like free trials of related games, discounts on merchandise from certain online retailers and even free samples of products and services from national brands; these can come in handy for busy moms.

Learning how to play bingo is easy, but there is plenty more to learn beyond the basics of the game. Online bingo presents a multitude of options for busy women, including the ability to build a social network of other women who lead the same frantic lifestyles and enjoy the same variations on the classic

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