Tips on Choosing an IRC Archive Client

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a very popular application layer protocol that was used to establish real time communication between contacts in the form of text. The chatting between two friends or buddies worked on client networking model. A user who is interested in using the IRC will have to first install the IRC client on his or her computer. Once you type in a message on the IRC client and send it to your friend, the client will get in touch with the chat servers to smoothly transfer your chat messages to the other clients. IRC was designed to offer group communication in various discussion forums called the channels, but can also be used for one to one communication through private messages. Though IRC has lost its past glory now, it is still a useful and fun option.

Finding Some Information

The best part is that there are many websites out there that have archived the IRC chats on various topics so that you can recall all the information by visiting the chat. The logs of a certain discussion made by a few people would be useful to others. Even you can recall the information that you have had with your friends by making use of the IRC archive sites available on the net.

Why Chats Are Archived?

Sites like offer the largest IRC chat archives that you will ever come across.

  • The sole purpose of sites like these is to give you an opportunity to check out about what you have been talking with other people a few years ago.
  • The main reason that so many of the IRC archive clients are there on the internet is to offer you a place to keep some of your important logs of discussions somewhere without loss of any information.
  • You can recall any information at any time just by accessing the site.

Anyone who is currently facing the same problem lie you had years ago can call back on such websites to access the archived logs.

Choosing IRC Archive Sites

There are plenty of IRC chat archive sites that you will come across on the internet. If you are looking for the best ones, then you need to choose the sites that have the maximum number of archives of various logs in discussion forums over many years. The sites must also be keeping all the logs of the discussion in an indexed archive so that it is easy for you to find what you are looking for. You should choose IRC archive sites that contain logs on a wide variety of topics like: software, games, music, technology, hardware, internet, etc. These logs will be having useful information and advice on any of the subjects you want.


There is no doubt that IRC Archive sites are the best ones to visit if you want to gather any advice or information about various topics that were discussed in public discussion forums. is a very popular website that contains a wide collection of logs from various public channels. Finding the logs that you want is very easy here.

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