Top 5 Souvenirs to Bring Home from Barcelona

When it comes to Barcelona trying to find that one perfect heartwarming memory can be a bittersweet experience. In deep sea of numerous choice, one can easily choose the wrong one. No one wants to have a perfect memory and lousy souvenir that just cannot wake up our nostalgia and take us back there one more time once we close our eyes. It never stops to amaze how one simple object can reflect so many years of history and culture, perhaps it holds a story of its one. In this article, we will make a list of perfect and most memorable souvenirs the one can bring home and cherish.

Our first choice is for those romantic, passionate individuals who tasted heartbeat and love of Catalonia and know how unique this alcohol drop is. Of course, we are talking about wine. This region has one of the most admired wineries in the world and it can offer some of the best routes to visit while traveling there. We will leave the choice of brand to your personal taste. While you are there, do not forget about famous wine routes, if you use the car rental in Barcelona you could get there in about 45-50 minutes.

For those who are just opposite to the mentioned romantic personalities, we have a second choice. Some will say it is not original, but having an FC Barcelona jersey from that last trip to Barcelona is a pleasure that only hard core fans understand. It just adds up to its value. Of course, any item from the football club shop does the same trick. The WAWAS Barcelona.The Shoplocated in CarrerdelsCardes street holds all the simple items a tourist could purchase including the originally designed T-shirts and jerseys.

Above mentioned wine is always a good choice, but if you are searching for only Barcelona souvenirs, you will probably end up bringing a bottle of Vermouth to your sweet home. This local drink is on top of any menu in the city. There is a tradition to drink it before any meal. Our pick for the best restaurant in which you can taste it is Xavi & Nico of Hidden factory. Experience is just unique.

When it comes to simple gifts to choose for your friend, often handwork or ceramics are the best. The funniest and colorful figures related to Barcelona or Catalonia are called Caganer figurine. These simple smalland crouching figures became one of the most purchased souvenirs in the area. The best place to get them is Art Montfalcon. Here you can buy wide choice of original paintings and sculptures made by local artists.

For those with the sweet tooth, Barcelona has a lot to offer. Local confection we want to mention is a sweet Turrón. Country’s deliciously tempting dessert can be found almost everywhere in the city, but the place we want you to visit is called Papabubble. Respecting the customs and traditions of the city, the locals regularly invent new flavors of Turrón.

Barcelona is one of the top destinations person just must visit in the life time. Giving you some simple tips and tricks, we hope you will have a great time and the most memorable trip in your life. Choose the one item you like and keep dreaming and traveling!


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