Top 7 Summer Skin Care Tips You May Not Know

Ready to enjoy the sun this summer?

Most people love summer because of the outdoor activities that it makes possible. Enjoying the sun outdoors also means having the ability to wear sandals, shorts, bathing suits, and going out to the beach. While this is all fun, lack of enough information on proper skin care tips can be detrimental.

Before you go out and show more skin, you need to put on summer compatible makeup to ensure your skin remained healthy and protected from invasive sun rays. Since avoiding contact with direct sun rays is impractical and unhealthy, learning these simple summers make up tips can be very healthy.


  1. Regular application of sunscreen

It is advisable to regularly apply sunscreen when getting ready to enjoy long spans of exposure to the sun. This ensures that the skin absorbs enough protection long before actual contact with rays.

This can even be done two weeks before ensuring that a proper protective cover develops. When this is not possible, ensure that you apply the sunscreen generously on your body just before you go out.

Even when sunscreen has been applied, re-applying every two hours can ensure that the skin stays covered and safe. Additionally, it is wise to stay away from direct rays of the midday sun whenever possible.

  1. Exfoliate the skin and make it smoother

Exfoliation is a key summer skin care tip for maintaining healthy skin. When the skin is covered with dead skin, application of moisturizers or toners may lack any lasting effect. Skin that is already exfoliated can absorb makeup better. It also creates a longer lasting effect compared to normal skin.

The best time to exfoliate is in the morning before applying any form of makeup. Exfoliation should be followed up with a hydrating cream to shield the skin and lock in moisture.

  1. Cover your skin with light clothing

When the sun is hot and direct, it is not advisable to let the skin stay exposed. Most clothe stores during summer stock clothes that have UV light protection capabilities. This is usually dye that can absorb the harmful sun rays.

Wearing a hat can also give your face a shade from contact with direct sunlight. Sunglasses are also a good protection for the eyes. Always learn how to choose the eye cream or any good quality product which you can prefer to protect your eyes from UV rays. Exposure of the eyes to UV rays can cause cataracts and other destructive eye conditions.

  1. Let your skin breathe

Besides wearing the protective makeup when going out in the sun, it is wise to allow the skin to breathe. Take off all makeup whenever you are indoors or while driving. It also gives the skin a break from chemicals that are found in cosmetic products.

If you must wear makeup, like when going out for diner, ensure it is very light and you remove it immediately you get back.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated during summer

Exposure to the sun during summer can quickly drain the moisture off the skin. That is why taking water also falls under the summer skin care tips. Summer sunshine also comes with the desire to engage in physical activities such as playing games or exercising.

This leads to sweating and internal dehydration. This is bad for the skin and your body in general. Therefore, ensure that you take at least eight glasses of plain water during the day. This will maintain a proper moisture balance in the body and the skin. You can also take a cold bath after long exposure to heat to cool off the skin.

  1. Soothe damaged skin

It is not always possible to fully protect the skin from damage. Therefore, knowing how to deal with damaged skin is an important summer skin care tip. Damage can occur when one forgets to apply sunscreen, or the application was done sparingly.

What should you do when this happens? The first step is to apply agents that can prevent peeling, inflammation, or redness of the skin. Cooling gels or balms are good options at this point.

  1. Eat the right food

The last summer skin care tip that is often forgotten is taking the right foods. Fortunately, summer comes with many healthy food options. Foods that are sugary and processed have a negative aging character. Avoid such food whenever possible. The best foods to take during this time are anti-inflammatory foods, fruits and vegetables. Milk products and foods with low-fat content can also be a good option.


It is also important to remember that not all skin care products are good for you. Seeing your dermatologist regularly can also go a long way in ensuring the summer make up products you use are compatible with your skin. Overall, enjoy summer with family and friends.

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