Understanding The Differences Between Cologne And Perfume

Many of us might not understand the true differences between cologne and perfume. These are products that vary based on the scent strength and are often considered to be gender based products, colognes more for men than for women and vice versa.

Differences Between Cologne And Perfume

The differences between these two categories of products are the following:

  • Colognes have lower concentration of scent ingredients as compared to a perfume.
  • Perfumes are concentrated forms of essential oils that are mixed with alcohol bases. Colognes have similar composition, but in lesser amounts, or concentration.
  • Perfumes tend to last longer than a cologne smell.
  • Colognes need to be applied in larger amounts as compared to perfumes to make the smell last longer.

The above points highlight the differences between these two categories of products and can help one to make a choice between such products.

Fragrances for the workplace

For every day wear you might land in a dilemma to make a choice between a cologne and a perfume. Though both categories of products are available for men and women, many feel that colognes are more for men than they are for women. It is more common for a woman to invest in perfumes than look at cologne products. Indeed, it might be difficult to find a cologne that is designed for women but it is not rare. In order to shop for a fragrance for the workplace, the following points need to be considered:

  • The choice of a fragrance should be pleasing and mild for everyday wear.
  • It should be discernible but not overwhelming.
  • Neither product should be sprayed in large amounts to mask body odor. For body odor elimination deodorants should be used.

Choices for young professionals

The above points can act as a guideline when choosing a perfume or cologne to wear to the workplace every day.  There are several choices in the market as a fragrance for young professionals. As a general rule, the perfume or cologne that is used should have a pleasant scent and not overpowering the senses. Men colognes that have a citrus base are pleasant and perfect choices for summer wear. In the evenings or for winter days one could opt for spicy or woody fragrances.

How to wear your favorite scent?

In order to ensure that a cologne smell lingers for longer, it is best to splash it on the body after one has taken a bath. When the body is wet and cologne is sprayed on it, the scent tends to linger longer. If one is using a deodorant, it should not have a strong smell that masks or clashes with the cologne smell. For women it is more important to use a deodorant that helps retain freshness all day long. A perfume can be sprayed sparingly on clothing, below the ears or on the wrist. That ensures a subtle and pleasant smell to linger all day. As everyone likes variety, it is nice to have two or more perfumes or colognes to try on every other day.

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