Which Guitar Do You Really Want? The One That You Love

It’s simple – you know you want a guitar and you know you want the most for your money. But, seeing as there are more guitar brands than can be counted, how are you going to choose?


There are basic choices that you need to make like:

Do I want electric or acoustic?

What is the right size guitar for me?

The next question can be a bit harder to answer:

What brand of guitar is best for me?

Maybe you already know that you want to play the same guitar as your idol. If you are still deciding, making sure that you get a guitar that is high-quality ensures that you will not be wasting all of your practice time tuning and retuning and worrying about sound. However, making sure that you get a guitar that you love and that inspires you to play is just as important, if not more.

To learn how to play guitar, you have to love to play guitar. And what better place to start than loving the guitar you play. If you can find a guitar that calls for you to play it, like a siren in the night, you really have something. Like the wands in Harry Potter, the guitar chooses you.

For acoustic guitars, you can check out your local music shops to see if there are any guitars on the wall that call to you. Pull them down and see if they jump under your fingers. If you are an electric guitar player, you should check out places online like the Fender Custom Shop.

The Fender Custom Shop has beautiful custom guitars ready to go, or they can work with you to make one from the ground up. Likely you will never fall in love with a guitar like a guitar that you have created just for yo

No matter where you find your guitar, waiting until you really fall in love with one is going to be your best chance at a lasting guitar relationship. Now, get out there; your siren is calling for you.

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