Why You Need to Wear a Watch?

Keeping track of time is essential these days, when we live from one deadline to another. But as time became more important in our lives, clocks seemed to have disappeared! Well, not really, because they’ve been replaced by digital clocks. To be more specific, digital clocks embedded on our smartphones and other devices that seemed to be glued to our hands.

Watches turned from indispensable to redundant. Or not?…

Even if your smartphone is your new best friend, the watch is still something you should have on your wrist. If you look at businessmen and generally successful persons, you will notice they have watches and they use them to tell the time. Meanwhile, their smartphones are reserved for other tasks.

Apart from style, there are many reasons one should wear a watch, so let’s learn from the rich and successful and see what makes watches as indispensable as always.

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Watches are a Solid Investment

Depending on the brand and model, watches can also be a great investment. Limited editions, iconic watches and low production timepieces can see prices easily go over the initial investment. Models like Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, Movado Edge Chrono or some Vacheron Constantin pieces are surely a good investment. In order to avoid the initial loss after buying it, pre-owned watches are probably the best choice.

Luckily, pre-owned marketplaces like Chronoexpert give you the opportunity to acquire a luxury watch for a price 40% lower and in a condition as-good-as-new. It is for sure advisable to take the time and effort to research the market.Used Rolex, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Audemars Piguet are highly sought after by collectors willing to invest in valuable brands.

Watches Prove You Have Style

It might seem shallow to say that style matters a lot in business, but it does. The facts are no one is going to take into account a person who tries to propose a business plan while dressed in a shirt and ripped jeans. When you look at successful people you are going to see them dressed in sharp outfits, wearing a tie and a watch. The watch is an added touch of elegance to any suit and it shows that you know how to value yourself and people around you.

Of course, the watch needs have a leather or metal band; wearing a suit with a rubber watch is only going to make you stand out in a negative way.

Watches Show How Serious You Are

When you are at a business meeting or a job interview and you want to know what time it is what do you do? If you are serious about the job and your partners or potential partners, you are not going to take the smartphone out of your pocket and check the watch! This is a huge fault and denotes lack of manners, as well as lack of respect for the people who are in front of you. Moreover, it’s a very visible gesture. However, if you discreetly check your watch, there are chances the people you are talking to won’t notice, or, at least, not judge you for it.

Watches Show That You Value Your Time

Time is a valuable asset these days. People expect from you to know what time it is and stick to your deadlines. Moreover, being punctual is a quality highly valued in the business world. A watch allows you to know what time it is, regardless if your smartphone closes due to lack of battery. Showing that you value your time and other people’s time makes you a very reliable person, who is more likely to succeed in life and businesses.

A High Quality Watch Shows You Know Quality

There is a saying that one must always invest in high quality shoes, glasses and watches. Smart people always look at these three items when they meet someone, in order to make a first impression. If you know your watch needs to be a classic, timeless piece that will work to the second for years to come, you are definitely a smart person. A high quality watch can cost thousands of dollars, but it’s always worth the investment!

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