Work Boots – Make The Right Choice

Work boots differ with different work roles. If you are working in a factory, then there is no way you would wear a moccasin while going to work as that would look ridiculous. Choosing the right work boots that match your kind of job is thus very important. If your job involves a certain level of risk, then wearing the necessary safety footwear becomes essential. Nowadays, safety footwear comes in many styles such as sneakers and clogs. However, the central idea which is protection remains the same. In this article, we shall discuss 5 different types of safety shoes available for performing arduous tasks.

Safety-toed Boots

This is a common type of shoe in which the toe area is covered or capped with steel alloy or special materials. They are mostly worn by workers in mills and factories to keep their feet safe. There are steel and other composite toe shoes as well. These are worn in areas where there is a chance of toes getting damaged.

Metatarsal instep Boots

Specially designed to protect the upper part of the foot and bones, these boots prevent injuries caused by heavy load falling down on the foot. These shoes are ideal if you job demands lifting heavy objects, like in the industrial areas. This is commonly called “Drop Hazards’’. These shoes protect the toe both internally and externally. They also protect the toe area.

Electric Hazard Boots

These footwear are mostly worn by electrician or workers dealing with high voltage machines, circuits and wiring. They reduce the chance of getting an electric shock caused by static electrical discharges. As the chance of getting shocked is high with people dealing with electricity, wearing this kind of a footwear is mandatory for them. These shoes are designed with non-conductive, electrical shock-resistant soles and heels, thus reducing the chance of electrocution.

Chainsaw Boots

Cut-resistant Chainsaw boots along with cut-resistant clothing are suggested for people working with rotating blades or chainsaws. This reduces the chance of having serious accidents. Such boots and clothing are made of materials that create a barrier from spinning blades. These work boots generally have a steel toecaps and cut-resistant inlays across the front of the foot. The exposed front surfaces have chainsaw protective fabrics. This helps prevent cuts.

Insulated Cold-resistant Boots

Insulated Cold-resistant boots are worn by people working on cold condition. Most of the times, these boots are slip-resistant as well. There is always a risk of frostbite and other cold-related issues if such insulated boots are neglected. The boots are also especially preferred by mountaineers.


These are just five types of protective work boots discussed. There are other protective shoes as well for other hazardous jobs. So there is no end to coming out with innovation in the field of protective footwear. Safety first is an old adage and it still works!

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